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MC Accounting & Tax Services is a virtual firm that offers expert services in all areas of accounting, taxes, consulting, and business services.

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At In & Out Accounting and Business Services, LLC, operating under the DBA MC Accounting & Tax Services, we are dedicated to empowering businesses. Our primary focus encompasses a comprehensive range of services designed to promote business growth, business education and wealth. This includes expert bookkeeping, efficient payroll management, business coaching, strategic business formation advice, and meticulous tax preparation for both individuals and entrepreneurs.

Our approach is tailored to ensure that every aspect of your financial management is handled with precision and foresight. We understand the importance of small business compliance and our tax services are not just about compliance; they're about maximizing your financial potential, whether you're an individual taxpayer or a thriving business.

Serving a diverse clientele, we specialize in industries that demand keen financial acumen, such as the trucking industry, construction services, home services, and various professional services. Our expertise is particularly valuable to small business entrepreneurs in sectors like owner-operator truckers, fleet owners. residential cleaning, day care facilities, construction trades, marketing agencies, beauty salons, healthcare, and photography. Each of these fields presents unique financial challenges, and our team is adept at providing customized solutions to meet these specific needs.

Specializing in the trucking industry, MC Accounting & Tax Services works with owner-operator truckers, fleet owners, brokers, and dispatchers throughout the United States. We know that trucking comes with unique logistical challenges, and we're here to help. From understanding the Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax (IRS Form 2290) to learning about the importance of differentiating between employees versus 1099 contractors, LLC versus Corporations, and being taxed as an S-Corp pros and cons; our skilled team can answer your questions.

Accounting services no longer require in-house staff and all the accompanying overhead expenses and hassles. Advances in technology now allow us to securely provide you with accounting and tax services anywhere in the United States. Our physical offices are in Nassau & Queens County, New York, and Atlanta, Georgia, bolster our extensive virtual capabilities, enabling us to deliver top-tier financial services nationwide.

We recognize the uniqueness of each business and are skilled in crafting customized accounting, document management, and storage solutions to meet specific requirements. Our team is always available to assist with your ongoing financial management and adapt to your evolving business needs.

"Empowering Businesses: Where accounting excellence means business success" – this is not just our tagline; it's our commitment to you and your business.

Contact us today for a free consultation, (516) 840-0262 or complete the short service request form HERE and let us demonstrate how we can contribute to your financial success. Let us become an extension of your business -- we want to oversee your finances so you can focus on doing what really matters to you.

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MC Accounting & Tax Services offers accounting services in all 50 states

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