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Master Your Finances with QuickBooks 101 by Michelle A Wilson, EA, MSA

Just the Beginning of a Game-Changing Webinar Series!

For Business Owners:

QuickBooks overwhelming you? Did you just jump in blind and now feel lost? Confused about your finances? Whether you're a business owner desperate for clarity or a tax professional looking to diversify income, we've got the perfect solution.

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QuickBooks Setup Training with Bookkeeping/Payroll 101 Q&A

Starting your bookkeeping journey can be challenging, but setting up QuickBooks correctly is the first step. Join Michelle A Wilson, EA, MSA, for a comprehensive QuickBooks setup course and a bookkeeping and payroll Q&A session. This class is held on the third Wednesday of each month and is perfect for new entrepreneurs and startup companies.

 Designed specifically for:

·       Startups and entrepreneurs entering the industry

·       Businesses that have been operating for a while and now realize the need for bookkeeping

·       Clients who manage their bookkeeping on spreadsheets and end up owing at the end of the year

·       Clients who must pay estimated taxes but lack proper record-keeping


This class is an essential resource, for ensuring your bookkeeping starts accurately and compliant from the start.

Regularly $597

Discounted $100

This is more than just a standalone class — it's your entry point into a groundbreaking webinar series aimed at giving you a clearer understanding of how QuickBooks works OR becoming your client’s financial guru.

Don't just watch and wonder—participate and prosper! This isn't a lecture, it's a live, interactive training designed to empower you with critical QuickBooks skills. Make sure to bring your laptop and a secondary device like a tablet or phone, along with your own QuickBooks account for real-time exercises.

Topics we will discuss:

  • QuickBooks Foundations: We start from the ground up, teaching you how to correctly set up QuickBooks, categorize transactions, upload your bank and credit card statements, and perform monthly reconciliations.

  • Chart of Accounts: We'll show you how to configure your Chart of Accounts to mimic your specific tax forms—be it 1040 Schedule C, 1065, 1120, or 1120S.

  • Payroll: From setting up payroll to understanding the regulations, we'll make sure you're fully equipped to manage your team's compensation.

  • Custom Monthly Reporting: Say goodbye to guesswork. Learn what reports are available to you.

  • Estimated Taxes: Stop the stress around tax season. They WHY you need to pay estimated taxes quarterly.

  • Business Structure Evaluation: Are you an LLC, C-Corp, or S-Corp? We'll help you understand which business structure is optimal for your tax situation.

Join us for this game-changing training and walk away with actionable QuickBooks skills that will immediately impact your business's financial health.

This is a live, interactive experience and your entry into a transformational webinar series. Come prepared with:

  • Your Computer & Phone: We're going beyond theory into real-time practice.  One you will watch on and the other, you will work on.

  • Your Own QuickBooks Account: This is hands-on, so bring your own QuickBooks account ready to practice on.

  • Your Willingness to Participate: No backseat driving here; you'll be in the driver's seat.  This is a hands-on experience.

If you need a QuickBooks Account, please let Michelle know, so that she can get you discount pricing.

QuickBooks setup usually costs anywhere between $500 - $1500. Kickstart it in the QBO 101 Group Training.

For Tax professionals, Dispatchers, Marketers, or other Entrepreneurs looking for another revenue stream.

This is your golden ticket.



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