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Whether you’re flying solo or have a team, we offer one-on-one and group training sessions to make you a QuickBooks pro.  In the dynamic world of business, true success comes from continuous learning, strategic partnerships, and practical skills. At MC Accounting & Tax Services, our focus is on empowering your growth, building resilience, and sparking your entrepreneurial drive. Our range of training programs are more than just educational—they’re stepping stones to real-world success.

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QuickBooks is an indispensable tool for small to mid-sized businesses. Its features range from sending invoices, tracking sales, and organizing expenses, to running payroll, enabling various payment methods, and generating real-time financial reports. The synchronization across devices ensures efficient, accurate, and accessible operations, minimizing costly errors. At MC Accounting & Tax Services, we leverage our extensive experience with QuickBooks to enhance your business operations:

QuickBooks Trainings

Personalized sessions tailored to your specific needs, ensuring you maximize the software's potential. Choose 60- or 90-minute Zoom meetings.

QuickBooks 101 Group Sessions

Comprehensive group training covering the basics and essential features of QuickBooks.

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DIY Bookkeeping for Entrepreneurs

Perfect for those who prefer to be in charge of their financial management. This program gives you the tools and knowledge to independently handle your business’s bookkeeping, building your confidence and capability.

Bookkeeping Mentorship Program for Client Management:

Dive deeper with mentorship programs, covering advanced topics and providing ongoing support.

  • Description: An extension of the Enhanced Referral Partner Program, aimed at partners who wish to manage their own bookkeeping clients with ongoing mentorship.

  • Pricing: Upfront fee $1499 plus a monthly subscription for mentorship $197

  • Expectations: Participants are responsible for managing their clients’ bookkeeping needs under the guidance and mentorship of Michelle. They must actively participate in learning and apply the teachings to their client management. Participants must take the QBO101 and 4-week intensive bookkeeping training. Thereafter participants enroll in the monthly subscription program for further learning.

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QuickBooks Mentorship

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