Building Business Credit

Building Business Credit is an important step for any new or existing small business. It is very essential in the day-to-day operations. Having good business credit has a number of great benefits. It helps with cash flow as you are able to prepay for products or services and interest rates on loans are more favorable for those businesses with good business credit. It is good practice to maintain a credit history separate from your personal credit history and reap the benefits of having good business credit.

Here at MC Accounting & Tax Services, we build your business credit using your EIN and not your social security number. We can also assist you with the incorporation of your small business. Incorporating a business or forming an LLC creates a business that is legally separate from the owner(s), which enables you to separate personal from business credit. Our goal for Building Business Credit is to make your company look appeasing and lender compliant so that lenders will approve you for credit cards, accounts, lines of credit and loans. The Lender compliance is a series of approval guidelines which banks, lenders, suppliers, vendors and retailers use as part of their credit decision making process.

HOW DO WE DO IT...... We take your business through all of the steps needed to build your business credit from helping you incorporate and filing all necessary government forms, setting up D&B files and obtaining vendors. All plans include an analysis of current business with steps to check the credibility and legitimization of the business. Credit is then established based of business credit profile and EIN, not your social security number.

Check out this guide on how to build your Business Credit

Main Steps to Building Business Credit

Invite team members

Establish your business credit

Apply for a business credit card

Work with vendors that report payments

Pay those vendors early

Use your business credit to manage your cash flow

Monitor your business credit reports

Stay Disciplined!!

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