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We offer single bank account management, handling all transactions for one primary bank account. If you require additional account options, we can manage an extra bank or credit card accounts or third-party processors beyond the included ones for a nominal fee of $75 per account, per month. Our services include monthly transaction categorization to ensure accurate financial records and monthly account reconciliation to confirm that your books align with your bank statements. You will receive insightful monthly reporting to keep you informed and in control of your finances.

Additionally, we provide a 30-minute monthly one-on-one Zoom review and estimated tax calculations to prevent any year-end surprises. To guide your business decisions, we also offer monthly and year-end financial analysis, providing in-depth insights into your financial performance.

Further down on the same page, we provide specialized packages for entrepreneurs with less than 100 transactions. These packages are available on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis to best suit your business's unique needs.

For clients with more robust financial needs and higher budgets, we offer additional packages designed to cater to those requirements, ensuring that all your bookkeeping and financial management needs are met comprehensively. For more information, readers can click the premium link at the bottom of the page.


New Entrepreneur Bookkeeping Packages

Tailored for new business owners and entrepreneurs.

DIY Bookkeeping with Michelle

$350 /quarterly
  • For entrepreneurs seeking to handle their QuickBooks independently but requiring assistance to ensure accuracy and to learn about QuickBooks and bookkeeping.

  • 30-minute quarterly 1-on-1 Zoom review with insightful reporting

  • Ideal for Sole Proprietors and LLC entities with less than 100 bank and credit card transactions a quarter.

Startup Star Package

$150 /monthly
  • Ideal for startups with up to 25 transactions a month.

  • Single Bank Account Management with additional account options at a fee of $75/account/month.

  • Monthly transaction categorization and account reconciliation

  • Month-end and year-end financial analysis with estimated tax calculations

Game-Changer Package

$250 /monthly
  • Designed for entrepreneurs managing 26 to 50 transactions a month.

  • Includes our full suite of comprehensive bookkeeping services.

  • For more details and to access our services, please click below to create an account.


Weekly Bookkeeping Packages for Growing Entrepreneurs

Specifically designed for entrepreneurs, with a focus on trucking and service-related businesses.

Next-Level Package

$100 - $200 /weekly

Geared for service-based businesses with monthly income from $7k - $10k, managing from 51 to 100 transactions a month that need more, depending on your payroll and other business needs.

  • All the benefits of the New Entrepreneur Bookkeeping Packages

  • Monthly one-hour one-on-one Zoom reviews for insight and reporting

  • Monthly transaction categorization and account reconciliation

  • Month-end and year-end financial analysis with estimated tax calculations

Owner-Operator Trucking Package

$125 - $250 /weekly

Geared for single owner-operator truckers with under 100 transactions.

  • All the benefits of the New Entrepreneur Bookkeeping Packages

  • All the benefits of the Next-Level Package

  • Includes payroll or contractor management for up to 2 employees / drivers and our full suite of comprehensive bookkeeping services.

  • Analysis to determine your cost per mile and profit or loss levels on weekly loads

Looking for something MORE?

Check out our Bookkeeping Premium Packages for Clients with over 100 transactions and need more detailed attention.

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