Individual Tax Preparation Services

Enjoy an easy and thorough tax preparation process with secure portal communication, expert analysis, and continuous tax education.

1040 Tax Prep - Single/Married Filing Separately

$299 +
  • Expert advice on maximizing individual deductions, including education credits and retirement contributions.

  • Strategic guidance on handling separate property income and deductions for married filing separately status.

  • Personalized review of potential tax benefits and liabilities to ensure the deduction choice.

1040 Tax Prep - Married Filing Jointly (W2's only)

$500 - $650
  • Detailed analysis and optimization of joint income and deductions to maximize household tax savings.

  • Assistance with joint tax liabilities and credits, including child and dependent care, earned income tax credit, and education benefits.

  • Comprehensive comparison and analysis of standard versus itemized deductions to ensure married couples maximize their tax savings based on their unique financial circumstances.

1040 Tax Prep - Head of Household

$350 - $500
  • Focused guidance on qualifying for head of household status to leverage more favorable tax rates and higher deductions.

  • Specialized assistance with child-related deductions and credits, including single-parent benefits.

  • Expert navigation of dependent care expenses and qualifications for head of household filing to ensure maximum tax benefits.

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