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Business Tax Preparation Services

  • Gathering all necessary documents to file your tax return.

  • Access to a secure portal

  • Convenient communication with the MCAT Professional Team

  • Clear communication through a portal with chat, text, and email options

  • Year-round support

  • Review of prior year tax return

  • A thorough analysis of all documentation

  • Evaluate for credits and deductions thoroughly

  • Review and advising of any deficiencies in business setup

  • Review of assets to advise on tax implications

  • Determination of eligibility for home office deduction

  • Analysis for car deductions

  • Weekly business & tax tips

  • Website for references

  • Tax preparation does not include bookkeeping (offered at an additional price)


Business Tax Preparation Services

Get control of your business tax and get the most back in tax deductions. Bookkeeping is available at an additional price.

Schedule C Tax Preparation

Starts at $550
  • Expert identification of deductible business expenses to maximize your tax savings.

  • Detailed analysis of home office deductions and vehicle expense calculations.

  • Personalized advice on income categorization and self-employment tax strategies.

1065 & 1120S Business Tax Preparation

Starts at $1,100
  • Assistance with determining reasonable compensation for S corporation shareholders.

  • Detailed review of partnership agreements to ensure proper reporting of distributions and contributions

  • Strategic planning for pass-through deductions and optimizing tax benefits for partners and shareholders.

1120 & 990 Tax Preparation

Starts at $1,500
  • Comprehensive guidance on corporate tax credits and deductions specific to industry regulations.

  • Filing and compliance assurance for non-profits to maintain tax-exempt status, including public support test calculations.

  • Detailed profit retention strategies and tax planning for retained earnings in C corporations.

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