We make sure that our role as part-time chief financial officer translates into full-time confidence

Virtual CFO Services

At MC Accounting & Tax Services, we offer two distinct CFO service packages, each designed to cater to the diverse financial needs of your business. Both packages include our Comprehensive Service Inclusions, ensuring a solid foundation of financial management and oversight. This foundation is then augmented with additional, package-specific features to meet your unique business requirements.

(Included in Both Packages)

Comprehensive Service Inclusions

Our CFO packages are built upon a foundation of comprehensive financial management services, ensuring that your business’s financial health is meticulously managed. These services include:

  • Single Bank Account Management: Expert handling of all transactions for one primary bank account.

  • Additional Account Options: Option to manage extra bank, credit card accounts, or third-party processors.

  • Monthly Transaction Categorization: Accurate and detailed categorization of all transactions.

  • Monthly Account Reconciliation: Ensuring your books align perfectly with your bank statements.

  • Insightful Monthly Reporting: Detailed reports providing a clear view of your financial status.

  • 30-Minute Monthly 1-on-1 Zoom Review: Personalized review sessions for tailored financial advice.

  • Estimated Tax Calculations: Monthly estimates of your tax obligations to aid in planning.

  • Month-End and Year-End Financial Analysis: In-depth analyses for strategic decision-making.

Explore Our Two Exquisite CFO Packages Below!

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Boss-Up CFO Package

The Boss-Up CFO Package takes your financial management to the next level with:

  • Integrated Financial Services: Including bookkeeping, payroll, taxes, and business consulting.

  • Tailored Account Management: With options for additional account management.

  • Personalized Review Sessions: Regular online review sessions for deeper insights.

  • Educational Webinar Access: Discounted rates for financial webinars.

  • Payroll and Year-End Preparation: Comprehensive payroll services and year-end preparation assistance.

  • Business Tax Preparation: Complete management of business tax requirements.

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Elite CFO Service Package

Our Elite CFO Service Package is the ultimate in financial advisory and management, featuring:

  • Weekly Strategy Sessions: In-depth discussions via weekly Zoom meetings.

  • Multi-Account Reconciliation: Handling of multiple bank and credit card accounts.

  • Exclusive Professional Network Access: Entry to a network of financial professionals.

  • Annual In-Person Consultation: Personalized consultations for clients in specific locations.

  • Document Assistance and Certification Discounts: Assistance with legally required documents and discounts on certification packages.

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