Trucking Accounting Services

Streamline Your Finances on the Road

In the trucking business, efficient accounting is your roadmap to financial success. It’s not just about balancing books; it’s about understanding your costs per mile and making informed decisions. Take control with our expert accounting services designed specifically for the trucking industry.

What's Included in Our Services

Bookkeeping: The Foundation of Your Business

Know Your Costs, Maximize Your Profits

Effective bookkeeping is crucial for tracking every aspect of your trucking finances. It’s essential to know your cost per mile – a key metric in the trucking industry. With our bookkeeping services, we make it easy to track your costs per mile, day, week, and month. You’ll have access to detailed reports at the click of a button, providing insights that help drive profitability and informed decision-making.

Payroll Services for Trucking

Payroll Made Easy

Proper payroll management is essential. Misclassifying employees as contractors can lead to IRS complications. We provide clear categorization:

  • Employee: Typically under your direct control, using company-owned trucks.

  • Contractor: Often in lease programs, using their equipment and schedule.

For small teams, we use QuickBooks or Gusto; for larger fleets, ADP is our go-to solution.

Tax Services for Truckers

Expert Tax Preparation

For truckers with their bookkeeping in order, tax preparation starts at $750. Without bookkeeping, costs range from $2,500 to $5,000 due to the need to create detailed income and expense reports. Our tax services ensure accuracy and compliance, preventing overpayment and IRS issues.

QuickBooks for Truckers

DIY with Expert Guidance

Embrace the power of doing your own bookkeeping with the added confidence of expert oversight. Our ‘DIY with Michelle’ service is designed for truckers who prefer to handle their own bookkeeping but need professional guidance to ensure everything is on track. Engage in this service, and you’ll do the bookkeeping yourself, then meet with Michelle quarterly for a thorough review. This approach ensures accuracy and efficiency in your financial management. This valuable service is $350 quarterly, offering peace of mind and expert assistance when you need it.

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